Tableau Prep: The Power of Composability

When we built Tableau Prep, we put a premium on ensuring composability of operations: you can take the operations Prep supports and string them together in any combination you need. There are no restrictions based on where the data came from, or what operations came before.

This means that you never need to think about whether a particular operation is supported in your particular situation: if Prep supports it ever, Prep supports it always. Moreover, this gives you a lot of power to do what you need to with your data.


In the rest of this post, we’ll walk through a Superstore example that highlights this power.

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Tableau Prep: The Flow

I’ve been a bit quiet lately, but Tableau Prep out the door and it’s time to make a little noise.

Clark recently wrote an excellent post on the basic UX architecture of Prep. Here I’d like to cover a key concept underlying Prep that may be a bit foreign to people coming from Tableau: the flow.


This isn’t the most glamorous part of Prep, but it is one of the most fundamental concepts in the tool, so it seems worth spending some quality time on.

Strap on your life jacket and read on for more.

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